About us.

Changing the status quo.

Our clients work passionately to deliver change, innovation and client-led digital transformation in every type of business you can imagine.

Sometimes against the odds, and sometimes against ALL odds.

That’s exactly why we do the same, right alongside them, in it together, as one committed and highly capable team.

Our story.

When Chris Futcher and Kevin Knowles started Cavendish Wood in December 2014, following 15 and 25-year consulting careers it was with one goal in mind:

To create a digital transformation consultancy that doesn’t have clients, but partners.

Striving jointly together to plan and deliver the type of transformation and innovation that can turn a business into pioneers. The type of change and innovation that not only enables businesses to delight their customers and achieve their growth goals but delivers a sustainable and repeatable digital transformation capability.

We were fed up with seeing companies engaging with huge, supposedly capable suppliers only to discover several years and several millions of pounds later that they simply don’t have the agility or the innovation mindset to help them achieve their goals. And sick and tired of seeing the same old failed technology driven IT programmes, planned from right to left and often just to keep the lights on or remain compliant.

So, we went out and started building a team of talented people who shared our culture, our commitment, and our desire to help our clients solve their problems.
People who could employ bold and creative methods alongside traditional methodologies.

People who understand both legacy and new digital technologies.

But most of all, people that both we and our partners, are going to value working alongside to transform their businesses to thrive in the digital age.

Imagine your organisation forging ahead, proactively innovating to deliver world-class products and services to your customers. Being both responsive to market threats and utilising cutting-edge technology so that YOU become the market threat, YOU become the disruptors, and YOU are the ones with the blue ocean strategies.

To get there, you’re going to need to be more adaptive to change now and every day in the future. And to do that you’re going to need a partner who isn’t going to try and boil the ocean, but join your team to advise, plan and deliver right alongside you, with every step of your digital transformation journey.

And that, in a nutshell, is who we are and why we’re here.

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Innovation Leaders.

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Chris Futcher

Chris Futcher

Founder & Managing Director

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Kevin Knowles

Kevin Knowles

Managing Partner

Kurt Farrar

Kurt Farrar

Technical Director

Daniel Harris

Daniel Harris

Technology Evangelist

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